Our Guarantee

Easy Exit Listing

When you list your home through our EASY EXIT Listing Program, you can cancel your listing with us at any time. No hassles. It’s easy.

We at The Golze Realty Group believe that if you are unhappy with our service you receive, you should have the power to fire us.

It takes a strong belief in the quality of one’s service to make this kind of stand, but we never settle for less than the highest professional standards. We are confident you will be happy with our service and results. That’s the simple truth. We always stand behind our service.

The Guarantee:

If you are unhappy with the service our team provides you, we ask that you first discuss it with us because we would like the opportunity to improve. Simply tell us the problem, give us seven days to attempt to fix it. If you are still unhappy, simply ask for an unconditional release from our services in writing, and within 1 business day you will receive a receipt of your request (you will receive a copy of the MLS data sheet showing “Withdrawn” status).

The Exceptions:

If there is an accepted offer (either in Attorney Review or Fully Under Contract).  Broker protections as per the listing agreement continue to be in effect as explained on the listing agreement until such time as you relist with another broker.


33 Day Sold Guarantee


The Process

  • Schedule a time to meet at your home
  • We gather market data after we have seen your home – folks that derive a price before ever seeing your home are just guessing.
  • We set a 2nd appointment to go over market data to derive the best market price and exposure strategy
  • We engage a multi-layer marketing strategy plan to expose your home to the market so that you can realize the most amount of money in the least amount of time
  • You get your check and make your next move

Sell Your Home Yourself

If you find the Buyer, even while listed, and you choose not to use our services, you can let us know in writing and we will let you proceed on your own without you having to pay a commission.  Its’s as simple as that.

Disclaimer – 
When listing a property with the Golze Group with Premiere Property Group, LLC (PPG, LLC), part of the maximum exposure campaign we provide includes listing your property via the Regional Realtor Multiple Listing Service “RMLS®”which provides cooperating compensation offerings to other cooperating brokers for showing and procuring buyer offers on our property listings.  In the event that you as a Seller, find on your own a willing and able Buyer to buy your property and you choose to proceed on your own without representation after listing with the Golze Group at Premiere Property Group, you may be liable (Responsible) for a Buyer’s Broker’s Fee claim (2.25%- 2.5% of the sales price).  if the Buyer Broker asserts a legal claim and they can show “Procuring Cause” and “Causation” of exposure of your property to the Buyer via marketing and or through the RMLS and related websites that reproduce such data .  As part of our Listing Agreement, you will sign an addendum to the listing agreement that states that if you choose to withdraw from our listing agreement because you have found your own buyer, you will be then responsible for any valid claim of a Buyer’s Broker and we recommend that in proceeding on your own, that you have the Buyer sign a hold harmless and representation that they are not represented by an RMLS® member Broker and that they, the Buyer, will be responsible for any claim that may arise from a cooperating RMLS broker..
If you choose to proceed with the Golze Group with PPG, LLC,, this provision shall not apply.  This is only in the event of Selling Your Own Property and proceeding on your own without representation after listing your property with us.